Mister Mechanic is a Forklift Rental Company to provide you Lift Truck Rental, Pallet Truck Rental Services and stock a wide range of New and Used Forklifts.



Do you have an older forklift which is coming to the end of its work life? We can provide trade-in allowances for your replacement stock.



Our large forklift rental fleet that includes all types of lifts depending on your needs. We can develop a forklift rental plan for your specific needs!


FG-25 Forklift (5000lb Capacity)

FG-25 Forklift (5000lb Capacity)

FG30 Forklift (6000lb Capacity)

New 6000lb Cushion Tire ATF Propane Forklift


We carry an extensive inventory of new and reconditioned forklifts. Our certified and warranted used forklifts are supported by our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Accessories & Parts

We carry a full line of industrial tires, forklift forks & extensions, and lift truck accessories to increase the productivity and versatility of your industrial material handling equipment.

Technical Excellence

Our knowledgeable staff is trained to provide the optimal material handling solutions to maximize productivity.

Winning Culture

We provide the products, and the productivity to meet all your warehousing needs.


Mister Mechanic has complete Machine Shop Facilities to Service your Lift Trucks and stock a full range of new and refurbished trucks.

Mister Mechanic has a wealth of experience in the Forklift Industry, spanning over 40 years, delivering forklifts ranging from the simplest pallet truck to specialist reach, enabling us to offer personal advice and a vast range and choice of fork trucks to provide you with the best forklift at the best price, for your specific handling requirement.

We were authorized dealer of TCM forklifts for last 20 years until TCM was bought by Nissan/UniCarriers. Mister Mechanic is now proud authorized dealer of ATF Forklifts ( Manufactured in same facility as TCM Forklifts). Here at Mister Mechanic, we believe that quality service is the backbone of good business. ATF forklift trucks are held to the highest standards of performance and durability.


Recent Vehicles

Browse through the vast selection of vehicles that have recently been added to our inventory.

Forklift Moving Service
1993, Crown Dock Loader-35RCTT-S. MM313
Just in! 1991 Raymond Dock Loader-60-C40TT. MM71
JUST IN! 2012 Raymond Power Pallet, 6000lb cap. MM295-305
2005 Clark – TMX20, 4000lb cap, 3 wheeler. MM307. SOLD
2007 Cat – ET4000, 4000lb cap, 3 wheeler. MM310. SOLD
jUST IN!!1997 Yang – FG25 forklift, 5000lb cap, Air tires. MM309. SOLD
2003 Crown Power Pallet – PE4000-60, 6000lb capacity, MM293/294
2009 BT-RWE120, 2500lb Capacity, MM236
NEW 6000lb Cushion tire ATF propane forklift
Just in! 1991 Mitsubishi – FG20, 4000lb Capacity, MM140
Forklift Just In! 2005 Hyster – E50Z, 5000lb Capacity. MM275
1994 Nissan – KCPH02A25PV, 5000 Capacity, MM217, SOLD
Yale Power Pallet – MPW060, MM280
Just in! 3500lb capacity Crown-3 wheeler, MM226, SOLD
Just in! 2000 Hyster-S50XM, 5000lb Capacity, MM259, SOLD
1997 TCM-FCG25T7T, 5000lb capacity, MM22. SOLD
Just in! 1988 Clark TM15S, 4000lbs Capacity. MM264. SOLD
2004 Propane Hyster – S120XMS, 12,000lbs Capacity. MM08
NEW ATF 8000lb Capacity Diesel Forklift
2005 Raymond Order Picker – OPC30TT, MM233
2000 Hyster-N45XMR2 single reach, 4500lbs capacity, MM126
2006 Yale-NR035 single reach, 3500lbs capacity, MM205 – SOLD
2005 Nissan-RRN35 single reach, 3500lbs capacity, MM229, SOLD
2001 Yale – GLP050, Full Cab, Solid-Pneumatic Forklift MM245
2003 Crown-30TT172, 3000lbs capacity 3 wheel. MM241. SOLD
1974 Yale ESC030, 3000lbs Capacity, MM248, SOLD
1996 Toyota – 6FGCU25, 5,000lbs Capacity, MM218, SOLD
Clark – EC 500, 3500 Capacity, 4- wheel forklift, MM243, SOLD
A 5000lbs Clark, Traction Cushion Tires.MM230, SOLD
2005 Hyster J35ZT, 3500lbs capacity. MM29
1989 Dually Komatsu FG40Z-4, 8000LBS Capacity, MM92.
1990 Nissan – CUM01L18S, 3500lbs capacity. MM214
NEW ATF 6000lb Solid-Pneumatic Forklift
NEW ATF 5000lb Solid-Pneumatic Forklift
Nissan Stacker, 2,500lb capacity. MM216, SOLD
Single Reach – Crown – RR3520-35, MM69
Single Reach – BT (Raymond) Reach – RRX35, – MM211
Hyster S50XM and Cascade Carton Clamp. MM204, SOLD
2000 Daewoo GC26E-3 MM203, SOLD
Raymond Easi Reach Machine MM200, SOLD
Toyota 2FG9, 1500lb Capacity. MM16. SOLD
Hyster S50XM, 5000lb cap, 4 Way. MM204, SOLD
2011, BT Power Pallet!! MM198 or MM199
2007 Raymond Power Pallet. MM201. SOLD
MUST GO!!! Yale, G51C-030-NRS-77 3000lb capacity. MM178, SOLD.
BLOW OUT SALE- Hyster E50XL – 5000lb
Nissan 5000lb – 4 way, with side shift, MM165, SOLD
2008 Cat ET4000 (4000lb cap) 3 wheel forklift, MM166. SOLD
Toyota 5FBCU15 3000lb cap. 4-Way forklift, MM187, SOLD
Toyota 2FBE15, 3000lb cap. 3 wheeler, MM188. SOLD
Pallet Truck Rental – Electric Power
Double Deep Reach Hyster MM157. SOLD
2008 Yale GLP050 – Solid-Pneumatic Forklift MM49. SOLD
Single Reach – Crown – 40RRTT, MM171
Nissan 5000lb solid-pneumatic with cab
Used + Reconditioned Forklift Battery
Hyster H50XM 5000lb solid-pneumatic tire forklift, SOLD
Yale GLC060 MM13. SOLD
Toyota 5FBCU30 MM101
Cat 3 wheel forklift MM62
2005 Toyota 5000lbs Electric Forklift MM151, SOLD
2007 Yale MM16, SOLD
BT reach forklift MM134, SOLD
Cascade ‘push – pull’ clamp
Cascade Carton Clamp
Cascade class IV rotator with 54″ forks
Cascade 51″ paper roll clamp
Forklift and Clamp Rental
Forklift Battery
RAYMOND Reach machines
Raymond Side MM80
Yale 2007 GLP050 MM09, SOLD
Yale Order Picker MM124/125
Yale Order Picker – Repossession – This is a BARGAIN! $5,995.00



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