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  • Ergolift independent fork lift
  • 24-volt electrical system with transistor drive controllerimages
  • Regenerative braking
  • Straight steering indicator
  • Electronic power steering
  • Battery discharge indicator
  • Cantilever overhead guard with plexiglass mast guard
  • Spacious operator platform with cushioned floor mat
  • Chill store design: for temperatures down to +34°F (+1°C)
  • Battery compartment rollers
  • Adjustable fork width: maximum 31.5″ O.D. fork spread
  • Vulkollan poly drive tire and load wheels


Pallet Trucks


  • 5.2 HP brushless AC drive motor
  • Sealed switches and logic boards for operation in coolers, wet rooms, and freezers down to -20°F (-28.9°C)
  • Efficient CAN system uses fewer components
  • Large control buttons mounted to a soft grip high speed handlepallet truck
  • Multi-function LCD meter panel
  • Smart electric brake system eliminates adjustments
  • Multi-function digital indicator readout
  • Tubular steel constructed steer handle & ergonomic control head
  • Large platform area
  • String guard on all wheels
  • Fuel cell ready design
  • Optional equipment includes coast control, side-tracker, battery rollers, convenience tray and more
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